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The organisation held its first race way back in 1901. That was from Lerwick, and it is this iconic race point that continues to be the main focus of the race programme.

Competing from the Shetland Isles is the ultimate test for fancier and bird, and the much coveted prize is the fabulous King’s Cup, one of the most valuable and prestigious trophies in the whole of pigeon racing.

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Sunday 16th June 2019 The convoyers Darren and Merv have liberated the Fraserburgh pigeons at 6.00 am in a South West wind. Good luck to you all.

Hold Over at Fraserburgh

A hold over has been called for the Fraserburgh race. We have mist down to Berwick which is worsening with the threat of heavy rain later in the day. Thank […]

2019 Perth Sections

  Perth, which, for the second successive time, was dominated by fanciers in Section C, aided and abetted by some from Section F – all well to the east of […]

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The 2018 Day of Champions will be held on Saturday 1st December, be a part of it!