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Already ordered your rings? Not a member of the NRCC?
Well that’s not a problem either! We have tried to accommodate for most of the eventualities and yes we know when a club has a competing area as wide or as long as the NRCC some will be in a favourable position and others not so favourable but hopefully with this race we have tried to even things out a little and yes the further flying members may look at it and say no its not for me, but the guys that have brought the idea to the table feel we have to start somewhere so here we are and who knows where it is going to lead, but at the end of the day even if you think that Dunbar is a bit too far for you why not buy some rings any way because your bird may just get snapped up in one of the sales and as the breeder you will have a percentage of the prize money should your bird be up amongst the leaders.

The race will have two sections; Section 1, shall be west of longitude 0.05.00W and section 2 shall be east of longitude 0.05.00W. and prize money will be divided equally between the two sections and then split between the breeder and the buyer.

So, who can have a go?
If you are a member of the NRCC you are in and if you are an RPRA member who fly’s more than 475 miles from Lerwick then you too are in!
All you need do is print off the ring order form and apply to the secretary for your rings.
The rings cost £5 each and a maximum of five rings per loft are allowed.
Once you have your rings all that is required is for you to breed a nice healthy youngster ring it with your NRCC 22X9’ Futurity ring and enter it into one of our sales, we don’t need a big fancy pedigree as the name of the game is for these birds to be raced.
Bidding for all the birds will start at £20.
Of course, you are welcome to purchase your own bird back where you will become both breeder and racer or someone else may take a fancy to your offering and buy it and race it where any prize moneys won by the bird are split equally between the breeder and the buyer.

Well, that’s the nuts and bolts of the race, soon we will be launching the ‘NRCC 2022 Futurity’ group so if you haven’t already done so then download WhatsApp onto your smart phone.

Download your ring order form here

Rules here

Good Luck