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Mr & Mrs Pat Royale 1st Open Fraserburgh

What an epic race where  a two year old Blue White Flight cock named ‘Fraser’ battled to become the provisional winner being Mr & Mrs Pat Royle of Kings Lynn timing at 13.13pm with their two year old blue white flight cock bird named Fraser.

Fraser’s pedigree derives from a Jansen crossed with a Van Den Broucke. Fraser was paired a week before being sent and had two 50 mile training tosses prior to being sent. He has no previous form but Mr and Mrs Royle have been successful in the Midlands National taking first section with other birds from their loft.

Mr and Mrs Rolye wishes to thank Eddy Perry from Kings Lyn who has been instrumental in introducing birds to the loft

With 93% of members timing their first birds this must be considered as a very successful race with the furthest pigeons flying over 430 miles. It is sometimes said  that being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.” Certainly Fraser proved how right this is, what an incredible pigeon.

Congratulations to Mr & Mrs Pat Royle and everyone who featured on the result, but please bear in mind that this only the provisional result and is subject to change when final paperwork is received.

In the mean time the full result can now be seen online here


Full report to follow

Stuart Lunn