Race Rules

[A] REGISTRATION & OWNERSHIP [RPRA 93/4/5.102/3/4/5/6/7/8.118] – Birds must be owned by the competitor.

[B] REFUSED ENTRIES – The Committee has the power to refuse any entry or entries, and may returnentry fees if Race Entry Forms are totalled incorrectly or essential details omitted. No Birds will beaccepted for Marking, unless all fees due from the competitor have been paid.

[C] CLOSE OF ENTRY – The close of entry for each race (form 1) will be the Tuesday prior to the scheduled race date (post dates will not be accepted). Late entries will be accepted, but will incur a

‘Late entry fee of £10.00’, payable at the Marking Station. No birds will be accepted for race markingunless fees due from the competitor have been paid.

[D] RACE ENTRY – Members are responsible for all details on the Race Entry Sheet. This must show their N R C C Computer No, Name, Address and full details of all birds entered. Every Bird must bear an intact recognised RPRA ring. All details must be entered in ink and signed by the competitor [See RPRA 96/188]

[E] DELIVERY FOR MARKING – Birds must be presented in baskets clearly showing the members name and with birds being healthy together with clean rings.

[F] MARKING – Experienced workers responsible for Marking are engaged Outside rubber number will be entered on the form and all details together with rubber ring tallies or ETS forms will be immediately sealed in an envelope until after the Race. Wing Stamping/Personal Ring [RPRA 121] will be strictly enforced No Official or Member shall be allowed to mark or race ring his/her own birds or take any active part in the procedure. [RPRA 188] Where pools & nominations have been entered on form 1 , form 2 must be completed in full for those particular entries.

[G] LIBERATION AND CLOSE OF RACE – Birds will be liberated at the earliest time. The Convoyer will determine duration at the Race Point. All Races close with a velocity of 440 yards per minute.

[H] COMMUNICATION WITH THE CONVOYER – Any competing member, apart from the President or Secretary, who communicates directly or indirectly, with the Convoyer, whilst the birds are in his care, will be disqualified from the race. The Convoyer can make contact with members at his discretion.

[I] OWNERSHIP OF PRIZEWINNERS – All Prize Winning Birds will be verified through the Club Records, the RPRA or other recognised organisation. Birds timed in a Race, shall if required, be shown alive within seven days of the close of the Race to the President, Secretary or whoever they appoint as their deputy, who shall have the right to liberate a bird within 100 yards of the competing loft. Failure to allow access will result in disqualification and may entail suspension.

[J] FLYING DISTANCES – In order to produce a Race Result as quickly as possible, each competitor, must supply to the secretary prior to the Race or at the latest, when entering the Race, the distance of the race as calculated by the RPRA. The Committee reserves the right to have re-calculated competitors distances. If requested competitors must supply free of charge to the secretary, a map to a scale of 1/2500, showing the location of the loft. The map will be returned after calculation and any recalculated distance will be used for the race result.

[K] EVIDENCE OF CAUGHT BIRD – Where there is evidence that any Birds competing in the Races have been caught then such Bird or Birds will no longer be recognised as competing in the Race.

[L] REFUND OF ENTRIES – Monies will not be returned, except at the discretion of the’ Committee. Claims will be considered in the event of restrictions imposed by an Official of a Government body, providing it is supported by documentary evidence.

[M] LIABILITY – Birds are entered entirely at owner’s risk from the time they leave his hands, the Club can accept no responsibility, howsoever caused. Members are advised to make their own insurance arrangements.

[N] MARKING CHARGE – All competing members will pay a marking charge of £2.00 when entering each race.